SLTB 2017 at British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge

By Glyn Stacey

This year the annual scientific meeting was held in Cambridge, UK, at the British Antarctic Survey laboratories, in collaboration with senior scientific staff at this leading international centre for low temperature biology research. As usual the programme covered a broad range of disciplines with three focus sessions engaging all participants in discussion on Antarctic ecology, plant germplasm conservation and regenerative medicine.

The 50 delegates discussed data presented on a diverse range of topics including new analytical technologies which could enhance the development of cryopreservation methods, novel CPAs, new germplasm resource development, impact of temperature cycling on biobanks and ecological aspects of low temperature biology.

An expanded scientific committee was also inaugurated at the meeting to take the SLTB forward to explore interactions with other organisations in the life sciences and take SLTB forward as a high profile science-hub for interdisciplinary interactions.   


Infographic SLTB 2017.jpg