Our meeting sponsors are vital to the delivery of annual conferences, bursaries and prizes. SLTB are grateful to companies who have contributed to making our annual conferences a success.

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SLTB 2018 Sponsors

Platinum Sponsors:

Life Science Group

The Life Science Group is an independent UK based company formed of two divisions providing quality custom biological and in vitro products and services to Pharma, Biotech, CRO and Universities worldwide.

The principals of the company have worked within the Life Science industry for over 30 years, specifically in the generation of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies and the collection, production and handling of cell culture sera and reagents.

Life Science Production (LSP) offers a range of quality cell culture sera, both animal derived and human, including Foetal (Fetal) Bovine serum (FBS), Human AB serum, Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA), Human Platelet Lysate (hPL) and associated reagents including cell culture media, Blocking sera, and ELISA Buffers, together with contract manufacture of cell culture sera, media, buffers and other fluids.


Antibody Production Services (APS) provides flexible and professional contract generation of antibodies, both monoclonal and polyclonal, together with a large range of associated services to meet every requirement including the optimisation and production of antibody existing hybridomas, adaptation of cells to serum free conditions, bulk antibody production and purification.


Planer Plc.

Planer are dedicated to using our years of expertise and experience in temperature control and the management of cells to develop and manufacture pioneering, high quality, innovative laboratory equipment to preserve, protect and nurture cellular biologicals. Our product range includes controlled rate freezers, incubators, alarm & monitoring systems, sample tracking software and cryogenic storage vessels including relevant safety equipment

Website: www.planer.com
Email: enquiries@planer.com
Telephone: +44 1932 755000

Gold sponsors:

GE Healthcare & Asymptote

At GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences, we accelerate precision medicine by helping researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and clinicians discover and make new medicines and therapies. We provide expertise, technology and services for a wide range of areas within the life sciences industry, including the manufacture of contrast agents for diagnostic imaging, basic research of cells and proteins, and technologies that enable large-scale manufacturing of vaccines, biologics, and cell therapy.

The emergence of cell and gene therapy as a frontline treatment for challenging diseases, including cancer, is rapidly changing the healthcare landscape. Our Cell and Gene Therapy business provides the tools, services, technology and processes to enable our customers to discover, develop and manufacture cell and gene therapies. We are investing in the field for the long-term, and partnering with pharma, biotech and clinical researchers. GE brings expertise in quality, global distribution, R&D, and regulatory that will transform cell therapy from small-scale treatment to a globally-accessible personalized medicine.

website: asymptote.co.uk/

Asymptote Limited, GE Healthcare, Sovereign House, Chivers Way, Vision Park, Cambridge CB24 9BZ

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SLTB 2017 Sponsors

Brooks Automation, Inc.


15 Elizabeth Drive
Chelmsford, MA 01824 U.S.A.

Main Switchboard: +1-978-262-2400
Life Science Systems: +1 (978) 262-2626
Fax: +1-978-262-2500

Planer PLC

110 Windmill Road
Middlesex, TW16 7HD
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1932 755000
Fax: +44 1932 755001