Society for Experimental Biology focus on "Plant temperature responses: shaping development and enhancing survival"


The Society for Experimental Biology Annual Meeting this year is in Florence, 3rd-6th July 2018, and has a session focused on low temperature biology. SLTB member Dirk Hincha features as one of the conference speakers, so please check out the details below.

Abstract submission deadline is 30th March 2018 so there's still time to present:


For plant biologists interested in low temperature, please consider joining us in Florence this summer for a session on ‘Plant temperature responses: shaping development and enhancing survival?’ at the Society of Experimental Biology’s Annual Meeting <> in Florence (3-6 July 2018).

Our speakers include: Steve Penfield (John Innes Centre, UK) - Maternal temperature signalling and the control of seed properties; Caroline Delker (Halle University, Germany) - Genetic dissection of plant thermomorphogenesis; Julio Salinas (CSIC, Spain) - New molecular mechanisms regulating the plant response to low temperature; Jun-Li Liu (Durham University, UK) - Using mathematical modelling to establish the link between temperature, calcium signatures and gene expression in plant cells; Dirk Hincha (Max Planck Institute for Molecular Plant Physiology, Germany) - Cold acclimation, deacclimation and memory in Arabidopsis and Isabel Bäurle (University of Potsdam, Germany) - Chromatin regulation of heat stress memory in Arabidopsis.

For more details please visit: <>


Abstract submission<> closes in 2 weeks (Deadline: 30 March 2018)


Our session is also offering a unique networking opportunity (sponsored by New Phytologist Trust) for early career scientists working on the response of plants to temperature changes. PhD students and early career postdocs are encouraged to submit abstracts and present their work in this scientific session, followed by a networking event afterwards. There will also be a prize awarded for the best early career scientist presentation at the end of the session.


For further information please contact Kerry Franklin (Bristol) or Heather Knight (Durham)

(email: or